External HD 5850 makes a Gamer Happy

Remember the whole external Graphics card ordeal circulating around laptops? Well one PC gamer decided to take that into their own hands. Let’s see, you need a laptop, 550w power supply, a PCIe to ExpressCard adapter, and an HD 5850. Apparently, once you get the necessary supplies it isn’t exactly an easy task to finish the job. Unfortunately, the performance was still limited by the adapter, but it certainly helped with performance a good amount when it was up and running.

He took an $85 PCIe to ExpressCard adapter, slotted in a 2GB Radeon HD 5850, added a 550 watt power supply, and connected it all to his Lenovo T410s. The result? A “major pain in the ass” to configure, apparently, but it bumped his 3DMark06 score from a 1,720 on integrated graphics to a 12,765! That’s a bit low compared to running that card in a dedicated gaming rig, as it’s being forced to run at 1x over ExpressCard

Source: engadget.com