Razer’s Modular Desktop Concept


Seems like they took a lot of inspiration from Thermaltake’s case. Leave it to Razer to come out with wacky design attempts for the PC gaming community. This concept, dubbed as Project Christine, is Razer’s attempt to simplify the PC upgrading process for average people by using modular bays all connected to one rack. Each bay is completely watercooled allowing components to be overclocked and sealed for noise (you can see the tank at the bottom of the rack).



Like many of the hardware announcements this year at CES, the concept will also run multiple operating systems.


While impressive, we naturally have to wonder just how expensive the custom parts created for the thing would; and whether or not enough manufacturers would support the form factor.

Now of course, just like the Switchblade, Razer is only debuting the prototype to gauge gamers’ interest. Should many feel compelled, we might actually see this on the market one day.