New Lenovo Y40 and Y50 Laptops Announced


CES 2014 is here and Lenovo isn’t taking a backseat.This ever expanding company has yet another treat for consumers. Lenovo has announced their next sleek, desirable, and powerful 14″ (y40) and 15″ (y50) laptops. The y40 now comes packaged with a 1080p display. That’s right a 1080p display on a 14″ laptop! The y40 is also much thinner than it’s predecessor and will sport a Radeon R9 GPU. The slight downside to the y40 is that this model does not come packaged with an optical drive. However, physical media is slowly dying out, so it’s not like this is a deal breaker by any means.

Next up is the y50, and if you think 1080p on a 14″ laptop was crazy, this model has the option for a 3840×2160 (4K) resolution display! The y50 also comes packed with a Nvidia GPU and there is an option for a touch screen. In addition, the y50 does have an optical drive for those clinging to physical formats. Both laptops with start at around $999 and will be released sometime this May.