Samsung RAPID Mode Gives Samsung Pro Users 1000MB/s Reads and Write Speeds

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Owners of Samsung 840 Pro SSDs will now be able to get ludicrous speeds. An update to Samsung Magician’s tool provides users with a bit of surprise. The tool now comes with a RAPID mode that can increase your existing Samsung 840 Pro’s speeds from ~500MB/s to up to 1000MB/s. But, how is this possible?! What RAPID mode does is take any spare/unused main system memory (i.e. DDR3) and enables the Samsung 840 Pro SSD to use it as a cache. DRAM is actually faster than current SSD memory. DRAM operates in the nanosecond range while SSD’s operate in the microsecond range (that’s a magnitude difference on order of 1000).

Thus, the use of DRAM as a cache is what allows the SSD to get double the performance (1000MB/s reads and writes). In the future, instead of using up main system memory SSD’s will have their own DRAM dedicated as a cache so user memory isn’t affected. Even beyond that, there is development going on for the creation of non-volatile DRAM. What this means is that, what we are using for system memory today, we will be using as our main storage tomorrow. Thus, if you thought SSD’s were the end all be all to storage performance, think again, for there are a plethora of developments in works as we speak.

Take a look at the performance gains:



Note: This update also works for Samsung EVO SSDs as well.