Thor: The Dark World 3D Movie Review

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The second Thor movie just hit theaters. Does it prove worthy of Odin’s praise or does it crackle far away from Valhalla’s gates?

The Good

Comedic Exchanges: One notable scene was when Tom Hiddleson turns into Captain America and spits out a bunch of hilarious dialog to Thor. Of course the usual cameo from Stan Lee provided the audience with its share of laughs. And the intern (Kat Dennings), also had several scenes that generated a deal of laughter. Another notable actor that adds to the fun, is Chris O’ Dowd. His humorous play of words towards Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) enhanced the comedic aspect of the film.

Tom Hiddleson as Loki: As the sinister villain in both the first Thor and in the first Avenger movie, Hiddleson’s portrayal is unmatchable as the ultimate suave, sophisticated, and manipulative bad guy. His motives may change and his attitude may vary, but rest assured Loki (Hiddleson) always has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Conflict: There is a real sense of emotion that stirs between Jane Foster and Thor. The love shared between them continues to grow with each mishap and subsequent event, which leads to turmoil. Tensions are high as Thor courts and protects his lover while simultaneously protecting the others near and dear to his heart.

3D: While the 3D effects were engaging, it didn’t compare to the 3D effects in the movie Gravity. Flying debris, Thor’s hammer, and crashing buildings all popping out at the audience adds to the fun and excitement of going out to the cinema. However, the extra cost may not be worth it for everyone. Some may enjoy the added fluff, while others may want to skip out on the mediocre 3D.

Action and direction: Compared to the first Thor, Thor: The Dark World, felt more balanced and more fulfilling upon its end. The cinematic experience felt more engaging and satisfying. The Dark World’s length (112 minutes, 1 hour and 52 minutes) was perfectly scaled to size. Besides the first few opening scenes, the movie kept pace with the audience and didn’t falter into lengthy lulls.

Continuity: As always, the stability of the casting throughout Marvel movies has been suburb. Unlike other heroes, *Cough* Batman\Hulk *Cough,* it’s always enjoyable to see familiar faces return. Of course we have Chris Hemsworth returning as Thor, Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster, and Tom Hiddleson returning as Loki. Even Chris Evans makes an appearance to bring it all together. Everything we would expect from a Marvel movie of this caliber is set in place ranging from Stan Lee’s cameo, to the ending credit sequences, et al.

The Bad

Poor opening: We are immediately thrown into an on-going battle with Thor and his side kicks fighting the enemy. However, this scene came off as rather dull and didn’t add to the movie. Fortunately, The Dark World, in its entirety, more than made up for a lack of a more inspiring and engaging opening sequence.

Gadgetry and cheesy technology: A lot of the explanations and introduction to the science and technology behind the movie appeared silly. The technology used throughout the movie isn’t exactly as satisfying as we would expect. At certain points, one may be a bit confused. The audience could easily be turned off by these cheesy elements.


Thor: The Dark World definitively surpassed and out shined its predecessor, for there were a plethora of additions, which made the experience well worthwhile. These additions included the following: the added comedic elements, the increased sense of conflict and tension, as well as the improved direction and action of this amazing sequel. The 3D may fall short compared to some other films, but if you are out and can afford to do so, why not enjoy it! Thus, Thor: The Dark World successfully lives up to fans expectations and paves the way for future endeavors such as Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier.

Thor: The Dark World Review by XMACHINE9000