Nintendo Announces The 2DS. Not A Joke.

Nintendo 2DS 2

Yes it’s real! I’m not kidding! Where do I start.. Hoo boy, this is certainly one of those times where you have to check the calendar to make sure it isn’t April 1st. Seriously though, where do I begin with this thing?

Aside from the obvious admission that 3D technology (which was all the rage ever since Avatar came along!) is a load of bollocks simple cool feature that isn’t what most gamers care about, they designed the device with a slew of strange decisions:

1. No clamshell design.
2. The screens are the same size as the original 3DS.
3. Mono speaker only.

I mean just look at this thing:

Nintendo 2DS 1

According to USgamer, it’s actually a single screen with a bezel stuck between. This information in itself might fuel speculation on Nintendo’s next portable console design.

At the very least they dropped the price to only $130, a perfect combination with the release of Pokemon to sell massive quantities of the system to children and fools. Good luck carrying it in your pocket. Launches October 12th.

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