Microsoft Hires Former Steam Employee


Former Valve business development chief, Jason Holtman, has accepted a job with Microsoft. What is his mission you ask? Well, it’s to improve the gaming experience on Windows. Here’s what Holtman stated about the move.

Yes, I have joined Microsoft where I will be focusing on making Windows a great platform for gaming and interactive entertainment,” he said. “I think there is a lot of opportunity for Microsoft to deliver the games and entertainment customers want and to work with developers to make that happen, so I’m excited to be here.

While Windows 8 does have some under the hood hardware improvements in addition to the exclusive DX 11.2 update, there is no doubt that the user experience for PC gamers could be improved. When compared to Steam, Microsoft’s own Games for Windows LIVE platform is a failure. In fact, companies such as Warner Bros and Capcom have recently switched to Steamworks from GFWL. Furthermore, popular mainstream titles such as the Call of Duty franchise has been Steamworks exclusive for sometime.

To make matters worse for the big company, Valve has been on a mission to bring Steam to other operating systems such as Linux and OSX ever since the Windows 8 announcement. So, Microsoft has quite a road ahead of them if they want to improve their standings with PC gamers. Sure, you could argue that they currently have an API stranglehold over game developers with DX11.2, but if they continue on their current path the future isn’t looking to bright.

With Jason Holtman on the team perhaps this could be a welcomed shift for the OS and perhaps entice gamers to use Microsoft’s OS rather then make gamers feel like they have to use their OS.