GTA:V Multiplayer Gameplay Release

GAT Can they make this game look anymore epic? The much awaited for gameplay trailer of the Grand Theft Auto V Online, that they teased would come with there single player trailer, has been released. I mean come on! Every passing day, I personally get more and more eager to get my hands on this game.


In the trailer it appears that the Online feature is more so like the single-player experience than GTA IV’s online. There are missions, new characters, opportunities to earn money, organize bank heists with friends, form posses with other players, buy cars and airplanes, and spend any additional cash on customizing your character. Probably the most interesting part of this game is the fact that you can jump off cliffs practically do ANYTHING with your friends. This is exactly what I wanted from a GTA multiplayer. Although, for the fans of more structured PvP type gameplay, they didn’t take out the classic deathmatch-type modes that were in GTA IV. Rockstar seems to be taking advantage of UCC-type games successes, such as Little Big Planet and Little Big Planet 2, you will be able to create your own maps and share them.


Just give me a keyboard and mouse and let me play… Well, a controller will work fine for now I guess. September cannot come fast enough!