Real Life Resident Evil?

Japan is opening a new Resident Evil attraction that is surprisingly realistic. The park is being opened at the Universal Studios Japan (USJ) park and looks incredibly fun! There are two different stages; The first stage consists of 2 paths of your choosing, the Raccoon City Police Station or the Hospital. Once you pass the first stage, you go on to the final stage, which is umbrella corp., where the live action Boss fight occurs. It’s probably nothing like the Re:5 Wesker fight. Seriously, I bought a RE game, not a DBZ game.

She looks a lot like Alice from the movies

She looks a lot like Alice from the movies!

They give you weighted pistols, and from the looks of it, it appears to be some model of the Glock, or possibly an H&K. My knowledge of guns isn’t all that great though. The other challenging part of the attraction is that you are limited with 30 (virtual) bullets. That might not seem like not a lot but you are in a party with 7 other people, so there are 240 virtual bullets flying around ready to blown some zombie actors brains out, hypothetically. I would love to see something like this come to America, but highly doubt it will ever make an appearance in the States.


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