Arkham Asylum 2 is the last time we’ll get to hear Mark Hamil as the Joker

Speaking to IGN at the Cannes Film Festival, Mark Hamil stated that Ark Asylum 2 will be the last time he does the Joker.Hamil said that at first he did not want to reprise the role for the sequel, telling the developers that he didn’t know how they could top it and that he wanted to go out on a high note. While he wouldn’t say what it was that convinced him to return to the role for a final time, I can only speculate that it must be amazing.

The big downside to this of course means that Rocksteady will likely end up wrapping up the Joker’s story in this game. Which could very well mean we won’t see him again if they make a third game. Joker has always been my favorite member of Batman’s rouge’s gallery and in nearly every form of media that he has appeared in it has been done well. Mark Hamil’s Joker has always been my favorite one though, even over the comic book iterations. So I’m glad to hear that he is returning, its sad to find out that this will be the end of his run.

Source: Destrutoid