Kojima said WHAT?!


Hideo Kojima, the director of the popular game series, Metal Gear Solid, gave his thoughts on the upcoming GTA 5 game.

I’ve been a fan of Kojima and his Metal Gear Solid series since I first played it on PlayStation. I thought the game play in MGS was amazing and unique for a stealth/espionage genre for its time. He has only expanded the game play as new additions to the series came out. ¬†Kojima saw the new GTA 5 trailer and expressed on his twitter how impressed he was with its unique game play.

Kojima Twiter

Although I feel Mr. Kojima is underselling his capabilities of making a great game, this is one heck of a compliment to Rockstar. I was kind of shocked to see this myself. Kojima coming out and saying that GTA 5 is probably going to be better that MGS 5 seems a bit… sacrilege when you are coming out with a competing title.¬†I wonder if Kojima feeling that the bar has been raised with open world games will help him make an even better title. I look forward to both games!

If you have not seen the new GTA 5 game play trailer, click here!

Source: IGN