Razer CEO Doesn’t Play PS3 Enough, So No PS3 Peripherals


The internet explodes with indignation. From PS3 zealots. As many of us have seen already, and especially in the gaming community, a CEO must really watch what he/she says. After making a comment on dusting off his PS3 to play The Last of Us, he also casually mentions why Razer doesn’t make any PS3 peripherals:

One of the big reasons why we don’t make Playstation accessories is because I don’t really spend time with mine.

Simply put, he doesn’t feel like it. Big deal.

Well apparently, to many PS3 fans, it was a big deal. Shortly after the Twitter post was picked up, irritated PS3 fans started posting numerous amounts of comments, calling Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan “selfish”, a “fanboy” or an “idiot of a businessman” for ignoring a sector of the gaming market. Some have claimed that he’s being paid off by Microsoft to keep exclusivity while others even showing surprise that an Asian man (Mr. Tan is from Singapore) plays an Xbox more than a PS3.

Razer Twitter Silly

It got so bad that Mr. Tan had to make a follow up post on Facebook:

Must be a slow news day when some of my tweets become news.

So I tweeted about how I was looking forward to playing the “The Last of Us” and mentioned that I hadn’t touched my PS3 for a while. And I went on to say that one of the reasons why we haven’t released any PS3 accessories etc is because I hardly play with my PS3.

And news sites started covering it and my twitter feed has been filled out outraged PS3 fans.

I don’t think it’s any secret for most of you on this page that I get personally involved in all the design. And that Razer isn’t really a business for us but a passion. So whether there’s money to be made in an industry or otherwise doesn’t sway our design decisions. I design stuff I like for gamers, and excel sheets and charts about how much money I can make isn’t anything that motivates me.

I loved the games I played on the PS3 – Infamous, Uncharted, God of War, etc – but the truth is that I just didn’t spend as much time on it as the Xbox. And I spent most of my time on the PC.

Candidly, as many of you know, I’m more obsessed with the games rather than the platforms and I rarely get into all that controversy. I think everyone should have their choice to play on whichever platforms that they want, and no one should rant on them for their choice.

We’ve got limited design resources at Razer, we’re not a big company, and we focus on the stuff that we play the most. That’s the truth.

So our focus has always been on the PC, we’ve designed stuff for the Xbox 360 and nothing for the PS3 to date. And that’s one of the reasons for it (there are other reasons of course but too long to go into).

But I’ve got high hopes for the PS4 and yes, if we find ourselves spending a lot of time on it, we’ll definitely want to make cool stuff for it.

So that’s it, excuse me while I get back to playing “The Last of Us” (which btw is pretty awesome – so far at least).

Personally, as a consumer that has owned Razer products I gotta say this, what are you PS3 guys angry about? It’s admirable to see such such devotion at times, but c’mon, are Razer products really that good? (take it from a PC guy, there’s a fair number that have reported durability issues with Razer products) I mean sure, they’re cool and all, but do you want Razer peripherals on the PS3 that much to start a fuss over this? Really?

It also takes resources; Razer is primarily focused on PC Gaming, even the Xbox peripherals they designed were probably more of an afterthought. They just felt like making one, it’s not like they’re never going to release something for Sony consoles. I’m not seeing anything for Nintendo appearing either. He doesn’t feel like it. You going to rail on him if he doesn’t like peanut butter as well? I’m curious too, are you going to rail on me if I don’t like peanut butter? (I grew up with Nutella).