DirectX 11.2 Detailed


The next increment of DirectX is now out in the open. Unfortunately, it seems like it may be exclusive to Windows 8.1, which is a free update to Windows 8. Here is a brief breakdown of what you can expect in D3D 11.2.

  • Tiled resources that can be thought of as large logical resources that use small amounts of physical memory
  • Extended support for WARP devices
  • Annotate graphics commands
  • HLSL shader linking
  • Function linking graph (FLG)
  • Inbox HLSL compiler

Windows 8.1 will also come with an update to the Microsoft DirectX Graphics Infrastructure (DXGI), which will now be at version 1.3. Here is what you can expect with the update:

  • Trim DXGI adapter memory usage
  • Multi-plane overlays
  • Overlapping swap chains and swap chain scaling
  • Select backbuffer subregion for swap chain
  • Lower-latency swap chain presentation

Basically, these two updates bring some optimizations and makes somethings easier for programmers.