Massive: Microsoft Drops Xbox One DRM


Remember all the insane Xbox One DRM? Poof. Gone.Earlier today Giant Bomb posted a news story saying the trusted sources told them that Microsoft was announcing that they will be dropping the controversial DRM scheme on the Xbox One. Microsoft has since confirmed Giant Bomb’s story and released a statement written by Don Mattrick.

The break down of the changes are as follows:

  • No more 24hr/1hr check in
  • No more online requirements
  • No used game restrictions
  • Region locks are disabled
  • An internet connection is required for a one time activation when first setting up the console
  • Digital and disc-based games will act the same on the Xbox One as they did on the Xbox 360.

While the sources provided Giant Bomb with no indication as to why the changes were made Mattrick indicated that they were due to consumer feedback. It is quite interesting that these changes come so soon after E3, but it is good that Microsoft is making them.

Despite this being a good things there some disappointing effects. Microsoft will be removing the digital game sharing feature and you will re required to have the disc in the drive to play physical copies of games. It sounds like everything is going back to how it was on the 360, for better or worse. It is unfortunate that what I felt was the most interesting feature of the Xbox One was removed. I believe Microsoft could have found a way to dial-down the DRM yet keep those features.

Giant Bomb

Don Mattrick’s Letter