Samsung Announces Production of Thin PCI-e SSDs

Samsung SSD PCI-e

Designed to be thin enough for ultrabooks and speedier than SATA III. Perhaps we’re seeing a new trend coming eh? After Apple debuted their new Mac Pro with a PCI-e SSD, consumers all around could benefit from using a new, cheaper, standard.

Enter the Korean tech giant. Announced today, Samsung Electronics will begin mass production (cheaper!) of their new PCI-e based SSDs. The drive (or disk, card, stick, however you want to put it), called the XP941, was specifically designed for ultrabook use and runs at around 2.5 times the speed of an SSD on SATA III.

While I’m not expecting these new drives to be cheaper per gigabyte anytime soon, the speed and implementation as we reach economies of scale will certainly become a benefit for all consumers still stuck on spinners.