The PS4 Will Require PS Plus to Play Online

ps plus

While there was a lot of good news for the new console, there is one tid bit of information that does turn things around. It seems that you will be required to get a PlayStation Plus account for $60 a year to play games online. So, Sony has actually hoped on with the online payment option that Microsoft has had with the Xbox 360 for quite sometime.

Used games and DRM will be much more relaxed on the PS4, but the online component isn’t exactly taking a step away from their rivals at Microsoft. Considering free online play was a major component to the PlayStation experience this is a bit of a loss. As more of a PC gamer myself these kind of fees rarely makes sense, which is why my console of choice was the PS3 over the Xbox 360. Also, when I go back to the days of Windows LIVE gold, where PC gamers boycotted Microsoft and their attempts to charge for certain things in Halo 2 and Shadowrun, this does hit a bit of a cord.

The good news is that PS plus will net you with some free games and services, but it was simply better as an optional component. Why force those who may not want to pay monthly to do so? Whether you are a Microsoft or Sony fanboy this is bad news. Sony fans will now be forced to fork over some doe, while Microsoft fans will lose some hope of Microsoft trying to compete with Sony’s free online standards.