Reminder: E3 Starts Tomorrow


The next generation continues tomorrow as both Microsoft and Sony take the stage to further their case for their next console. To ensure you stay with us and don’t miss out on any conferences check out the following schedule from the official E3 website.

  • Microsoft Conference – 9:30AM Pacific/ 12:30PM Eastern
  • EA Conference – 1:00PM Pacific/ 4:00PM Eastern
  • Ubisoft Conference – 3:00PM Pacific/ 6:00PM Eastern
  • Sony Conference – 6:00PM Pacific/ 9:00PM Eastern

Yep, tomorrow is quite a big day for E3. Sony is expected to actually show us what the PlayStation 4 will look like and perhaps show us some new games and footage. Nintendo will have their own Nintendo Direct presentation at 7AM Pacific/ 10AM Eastern on June 11. Microsoft, on the other hand has a lot to prove since they spent their Xbox One reveal talking more about watching TV than playing games. Furthermore, the PS4 is actually more powerful with an APU that sports an on die GPU that has more Stream processors than the Xbox One. As a result, the PS4’s GPU is around 50% more powerful than the GPU in the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the Xbox One will also suffer from DRM schemes such as an online connectivity requirement and a Fine for exchanging used games. So, the Xbox One has a lot to prove; MS needs to show gamers that the One can have some nice visuals and the some more exclusive games available with less of an emphasis on the TV and DRM side of the equation. Again, it all goes down tomorrow starting at 9:30AM Pacific/ 12:30PM Eastern, so stay tuned.