Windows 8.1 Will Have a Useless Start Button

windows 8 start menu is gone

Microsoft will be adding the start button back into Windows 8 in an attempt to appease those who are upset. However, at this time all it does is open the existing start menu UI, which we all know as Metro.

Unfortunately, it seems that the old start menu will not be there at all, which effectively makes this new button useless for those sticking to Windows 7 or already using Start8. It is unclear if MS intends to allow users to disable sticky corners and mouse hovering as an option since it can get annoying when using multiple monitors. Another issue is some of the accessibility problems such as searching, having the menu take up the whole screen, and even something as powering down the machine can be annoying. Currently, Start 8 already brings back the old Windows menu, which some claim is much more accessible for power users.

Fortunately, in Windows 8.1 there will also be an option to boot right to desktop. Hey, but what if I like the current Windows 8 set up? Well, you are in luck as the start menu and boot to desktop settings are optional. You can still remove the start button if you want and use Start8 or no button at all along with booting into Metro instead of the Windows desktop.

So, what is this new start button going to look like? Guru3D, managed to snag a screen of it and the new button looks like the charms bar Start button.


In short, this button may help those who have trouble navigating through Windows 8, but so far it is useless for those power users who want a menu similar to Windows 7.