Xbox One: Games Are Account Bound, Requires Full Price For Switch

xbox one 3

Thankfully we seem to have some clarification on it now, but it’s still disappointing. In an interview with Kotaku, Microsoft VP Phil Harrison (the tall guy that used to be at Sony) further explained how used games work on the Xbox One.

All games being played on the Xbox One require a mandatory installation (you can play while it does this) and activation key input to Xbox Live. While the game can be accessed by all persons playing that specific console, using it on a friend’s Xbox is out of the question:

if you want to bring a game disc to a friend’s house and play there? You’ll have to pay a fee—and not just some sort of activation fee, but the actual price of that game—in order to use a game’s code on a friend’s account. Think of it like a new game, Harrison says.

That’s full price just for activation. Harrison further states that gamers may also sell their games online somehow, though he didn’t elaborate on it further. Hopefully none of this is true, but given all the news rumored previously, I’m not too confident of hearing a PR guy dispelling what Harrison said.

We’ll keep you posted.