Eyes – The Horror Game Review

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It’s time to enter a dark and dreary mansion and escape before an evil entity takes your soul. Eyes – The Horror takes a page out of Slenderman and presents gamers with the challenge of collecting a certain amount of bags while avoiding a headless spirit. So, will you be able to find your way out, or will you go cry in a corner and log off of your computer?

The Good

That entity sure can make things shake: As the headless spirit approaches the lights flicker, the furniture shakes, and an ominous track starts playing. In Splenderman, the music kicks up more as you collect more pages, while in Eyes you are slightly more aware of the entity’s presence. You may think this could detract from the experience, but having all hell break loose when the entity is close still adds quite of tension and atmosphere to the horror aspect of the game.

Each playthrough is random: After you manage to beat the game you can choose to go back and play on a higher difficulty if you haven’t already. Casual has gamers hunting for 12 bags, normal has the player looking for 20 bags, and hard requires 30 bags to be collected before you can escape. Furthermore, each time you start the game, the bags are randomly placed in different areas and the headless ghost starts in different areas.

I can see it before it gets me: Throughout your exploration of various rooms in the mansion you will find numerous pages that will temporarily let you look through the eyes of the spirit to see where it is in the mansion. This can be very useful to plan out your movement and avoid getting detected. However, if you don’t get a clear picture of where the spirit is located, you could find yourself running smack into having your soul eaten, so be careful or else your neighbors may hear someone cry like a little girl.

Play on whatever device you want: Eyes – The Horror Game is an indie game that is available on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. So, chances are you will be able to play this game due to the wide range of options to choose from. Furthermore, the game is free, but if you want the ads removed you can choose to pay for a version with them removed.

The Bad

We want more: Eyes presents us with one level of horror and fun. Unfortunately, despite the random nature of the game, things do start to get repetitive and a new level with more content would have helped ease some of the repetitive feelings that develop after a few playthroughs.

Furthermore, it would have been nice if they went more in depth with the ritual circles you find in the game. Perhaps the developers could have made some more secret passages and hint at more of the back story of the entity. There are some chests and doors you can unlock, but for the most part they just contain more bags.


Eyes – The Horror Game takes some of the elements from Slenderman and packages it in a different, but still horrific, manor. This game is more about planning your movement throughout the house carefully, since the game isn’t as dependent on memorizing where every single collectible location is at. Additionally, the pages can help the player figure out where the entity is before, so you can move out and progress without huddling down in a single room with your teddy bear. Eyes – The Horror Game is a dark and sinister experience that you will want to experience just so your family will ask what you are playing when you scream in terror.

Eyes – the horror game Review by FacTor-X