Nvidia Ira Face Demo Is Available To Download

face demo nvidia

Nvidia has released the Ira face demo to the public and you can now download it and try it for yourself. However, you must have a decent DX11 capable GPU to run the tech demo. To give you an idea of how taxing this can be, I ran this on my GTX 570 and got around 15 fps at 1080p. Furthermore, this tech demo only weighs in at 300MB, so if you want to give it a try it wont break your hard drive.


1. This demo is brought to life by a collection of methodologies we collectively call “FaceWorks”.

2. Mesh deformation is accomplished with skinning and by blending between facial targets given to us from ICT.

3. Diffuse color, specular color, diffuse bump, specular bump, and displacement all 4096×4096 textures of 30 facial targets.

4. Originally the texture data was several gigs, but is reduced to 300 megs by use of texture compression and through tile-based texture optimizations whereby redundant tiles are discarded.

5. Character is dynamically tessellated with smoothing and displacement driven by HDR displacement maps.

6. Skin includes HDR subsurface scattering and transmission. Is computed in texture space to eliminate issues at silhoutte and with a backface optimization to eliminate unnecessay work. Transmission most visible in lighting environment 3, where light can be seen through the ear lobe but blocked by the veins in the ear.

7. Eyes include subsurface scattering and a raytraced iris / pupil shader

8. Full scene HDR depth-of-field with bokeh and dynamic tone-mapping

9. The average pixel on the screen is the result of about 8000 instructions
a. This equates to approximately 40,000 FLOPs per pixel
b. At full HD resolution that is 82 billion FLOPs per frame
c. At 60 fps that is 4.9 trillion FLOPs per second
d. Those are shader instructions and do not include the 161 filtered texture fetches / pixel

Download: guru3d.com