Rumor: Nvidia 7 Series to be Released May 23rd

gtx 780 ps

Not too long after the Microsoft event for the next Xbox, Nvidia is set to release their next generation of GPUs. Supposedly May 23rd will be the release date for the GTX 780. This coincides with previous rumors, which suggest that the card would be coming in late May. Additionally, Nvidia released the GTX Titan soon after the PS4 event in February.

The specs of the next GPU series from Nvidia doesn’t seem to have changed. The GTX 780 is still set to be a cut-down Titan GPU (aka Titan LE), and the other GPUs supposedly consist of higher clocked 6 series GPUs at a lower price point. The main difference this time around is that the GTX 780 is rumored to be more expensive with a price range around $699 to $759 compared to $499 to $599 in previous rumors. Furthermore, the GTX 770 is expected to be released soon after the 780 on May 30th.