Resident Evil 5 PC Review

Now available on PC is Capcom’s newest port , Resident Evil 5. PC gamers can take aim with their shotgun and start blasting away infected bodies with a friend. Resident Evil 5’s release is a continuation of Capcom’s ongoing support for the PC platform. In the PC Gaming Alliance, Capcom definitely surpassed other game developers. One can only wonder what Capcom will have in store for us PC gamers next, but one thing is for certain, I can’t wait!

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Visuals: Although Resident Evil 5 is not another Crysis, it definitely has its visually impressive moments. For example, there are some areas that have really outstanding lighting effects. RE5 also displays object based motion blur, which is a nice touch. In addition, the game has AA and a wide range of resolutions to choose from.

Mouse and Keyboard Support: RE4’s port lacked mouse support. Fortunately, RE5 supports both controllers and Mouse and Keyboard really well. You can literally switch the devices on the fly by pressing a button on the device. There is no laser pointer for the mouse and Keyboard setup. Instead, they use a corsair, which works pretty well, but some gamers might want the option to use the gun’s laser when using a mouse and keyboard.

Coop: You can play through the whole game with a friend. This adds a lot of fun to the whole experience.

Action Packed: RE5 has a tone of explosions going on with a huge amount of weapons available to the player. It’s quite a thrilling experience.


No Movement Improvements: The gameplay in Resident Evil 5 is very similar to Resident Evil 4, which is the previous game in the series. In this game series, you cannot shoot while moving, and you have similar controls. Some gamers have complained that it doesn’t allow more maneuverability; however, this mechanic worked fine in Resident Evil 4, and Resident Evil 5 is no exception.

No Major Puzzles: One major aspect missing from Resident Evil 5 is the lack of major puzzles to solve. There are some minor puzzles here and there with Resident Evil 5, but when compared to Resident Evil 4, there are even less in this department. Diehard fans of the Resident Evil series may be disappointed to learn that there are no rotating tiger statues, no knights that attack you, no valves, and you don’t play “Moonlight Sonata” on a piano.

Simply put, if you are playing this game and looking for a continuation of the old games’ style you will be disappointed. However, if you put this behind you and try to have fun, you will have a blast. Resident Evil 5 provides a lot of fast paced, blast em’ in the face action. On top of that, the game offers co-op throughout the entire story mode.

A lot of QTEs: Currently, Quick Time Events (QTE) are incorporated in numerous games. In this area, Resident Evil 5 follows suit, just like its predecessor. However, some gamers may feel that Resident 5 has an overabundance of QTEs. This is not a deal breaker by any means, but at times, it can be annoying.

Story: There is one area of the game that just throws a bunch of files and documents at you near the end. Capcom should have spread these files out throughout the different chapters of the game and perhaps included more of them overall. But if you read through the files and documents you find that they go back before Umbrella was formed and before the first of Resident Evil emerged. The files and documents are also important because they detail how different viruses were formed (T-virus AKA Tyrant- virus, G-virus, Las-Plagas virus, ect.).


Resident Evil 5 is an entertainment masterpiece. The game provides gamers with a ton of replay value with all of the unlocks, modes, and cheats available. The game is well worth the $50. Capcom has done an excellent job with the PC port of the game. Diehard Resident Evil fans may be a bit disappointed with the lack of puzzles in the game, but if you play the game and try to have fun, the experience is well worth it, especially when playing with a friend.

Resident Evil 5 PC Review by Derangel and FacTor-X