Phantom Pain Rumors Continued

fox engine phantom pain

The mystery continues behind the upcoming title Phantom Pain as it apparently is running on the Fox Engine. Let’s recap a little bit, Geoff Keighley recently sat down with Moby Dick Studios’ CEO Joakim Mogren and he managed to notice the Fox Engine logo on the bottom right of the screenshots presented to him. So, what is so important about the engine? Well, it is the same engine that Metal Gear Solid 5 will be using. So, yes, conspiracy theorists out there definitely just got a lot more food to eat.

Wait, what’s the supposed secret behind this game you say? Phantom Pain is supposedly a new Metal Gear Solid game. In fact, some people are saying it’s actually going to be Metal Gear Solid V. So, let’s start with some interesting bits of information. Joakim is an anagram for Kojima, the character himself looks like Solid Snake or a younger Big Boss from an angle considering he has a similar facial structure and hair style. Some people are also speculating that it could be Solidus Snake or maybe even a new Big Boss clone. Furthermore, Ripten has a great breakdown of the trailer. You can check out the original trailer from the VGAs below:

The speculation does not end there. Some people are suggesting that Joakim Mogren is actually computer generated by the Fox Engine. Hideo Kojima specifically stated that their aim for the Fox engine is photorealism.

I’ll make presentation of FOX Engine at GDC in SF next week. Mainly will talk about technical contents focusing on drawing part of FOX Engine. Yet I haven’t gone to detailed adjustments thou. Also will introduce game play for a sneak preview.

Concept of ‘FOX Engine’ is photorealism. I think the era of sticking to graphic or sound is over. How you freely play, connect to Internet, pleasantly play is the important point but at the same time min level of realism is needed still. We at KJP aim making look like in real even when looking at reduced game screen for the simple model.

However, the truth is still becoming ever more apparent with a tweet by Kojima himself of an image that has the title “TPP_GDC2013_720P_ESRB”. If you haven’t already guessed TPP stands for The Phantom Pain.

Then of course there is always this image which also seems to spell it out pretty clearly for us:


Fortunately, all of this secrecy will be out of the way soon enough since, according to the interview, all of our questions will be answered next week at GDC.