Nvidia Reveals New Roadmap: 1TBps Volta

Nvidia has released its roadmap for the next few years ahead along with a powerful new GPU architecture. Currently, we are on Kepler with the 6 series, which supports dynamic parallelism and enhances the programmability of the GPU. Their next GPU architecture will be Maxwell and it will be used for the next two GPUs from Nvidia. Maxwell supports unified virtual memory, which allows the GPU and the CPU to see each others memory in orther words “All memory is visible to all the processors.”

Now Volta is where things get interesting. Volta is named after Alessandro Volta, who has been credited with the invention of the battery. In fact the unit Volt is named after him. Volta will have stacked memory in which they will stack the DRAM on the same silicon substrate as the GPU chip. To accomplish this they will add another silicon substrate to the GPU, which will extend to host the Stacked DRAM. The DRAM will then be accessed with through silicon vias, which connects each DRAM that is stacked on one another.

The main result of this new approach is 1 terabyte per second of bandwidth. Nvidia’s CEO compares this to taking a full Blu-Ray disc and in 1/50th of a second move the information on that disc through the entire chip. In comparison, the high end GTX Titan only has around 288 GBps of bandwidth.