Windows 9 Coming in Jan. 2014?

windows 9 windows blue

According to Neowin, Win8China has come accross some information that suggests Microsoft is prepping for a new version of Windows early next year. January 2014 is suppose to mark the release of the first beta of Windows 9 and then the new OS will then be launched November 2014.

It is unclear at this time if Windows 9 will be a full separate OS or if Windows 9 is in fact Windows Blue, which is supposed to be an update to Windows 8. So, Windows 9 could actually be called Windows Blue or perhaps Windows Blue is the codename for Windows 9. It is rumored that Microsoft is trying to follow Apple’s style of updating their OS and this release schedule certainly indicates something along those lines.

So far there is no mention of any GUI improvements outside of improved touchscreen support. However, there is also supposedly a mobile OS version in the works as well, which will most likely be for Windows Phone 9. While Neowin reports that Win8China is reliable and they have predicted such releases in the past, be warned that this is in fact a rumor at this point in time.