ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Review

This is ASUS’s 10″ Netbook. The “HE” model has all the bells and whistles. Even better, it only costs ~$400 (Can be had for less).


Battery Life: It’s also got the 6-cell 63-Wh battery with a claimed 9.5 hour battery life. Which, isn’t very far off. I’ve managed to achieve 9 hours with it. (Plus or minus 10 minutes).

Keyboard: The keyboard is also new. Dubbed the “chiclet” design, because the keys look like little chiclets (The chewing gum). Basically, they put spaces in-between each key (As you’ll see in the pics) to “spread it out” to about 90% of a full-size keyboard. This makes typing a lot easier than the previous 7-to-9 inch models.

Over Clocking: Actually, it comes with a program called “Super Hybrid Engine” (SHE) which is a battery saver/overclocker utility. There are 4 settings. “Power saving mode”, “High Performance mode”, & “Super Performance mode” There’s also an auto mode which switches to “power saving mode” or “Super/High mode” depending if it’s on battery power or not. All it’s doing is over/underclocking the CPU for battery life. Which is fine.

You can use software to OC it as well.(SetFSB is what I use) (Since the BIOS wont allow it) I’ve managed to get mine into the very high 1.8Ghz range. Since the RAM is rated for 667 FSB, and @ the 1.8Ghz my FSB is around 750, I think that’s a pretty good OC. I’ve got a 2 Gig 800Mhz stick coming, to see if I can take my Atom to 2.0Ghz. I know it can be done, many others have done it as well.

Features: It comes with 2 user-definable hot-keys. So you can 1-touch launch programs. (I use 1 for the SHE program, and the other for the SetFSB program. So I can overclock at whim) It also has a boot-booster option in the BIOS, so windows boots up in 20-30 seconds now.


The new Atom N280 CPU @ 1.66: Previous Atom was the N270 @ 1.6. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference…


All-in-all this little bugger has some nice bang-for-the-buck. For only $400 you can get a PC to take care of multimedia & web surfing as well as office tasks. Did I mention it’s very, very, very portable? The Atom surprised me, I was expecting it to be painfully slow, but it’s not. Especially when running at near 2.0Ghz speeds. It is hyper-threaded. Just as long as you don’t buy one expecting a power-house I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as well.

ASUS Eee PC 1000HE Review by Arak-Nafein