Street Fighter IV Review

The ultimate street fighting game has finally hit PCs and now fans on the platform can start punching and kicking away. Pretty much all of the classic characters are back in a new artistic vision. Capcom has done a great job with the port and they are definitely living up to their membership in the PC Gaming Alliance. With RE5 on the horizon and past ports like DMC 4, the future is looking good for PC Gamers and Capcom.


Art Style: The graphics are great and the art style fits the game very well. The graphics are a combination of new school and old school. Anyone who has tried the benchmark knows that it is also optimized for a lot of rigs out there. You have options for AA, motion blur, etc. There are also new custom styles. The player can choose from Ink, Water Color, or posterization.

Mechanics: Street Fighter 4 hasn’t strayed too far from the classic style of play. The game stays true to its roots. However, there are ultras and supers that every single character can perform. The level of difficulty of these moves varies from character to character. For example, Ryu’s ultra and super are not too hard to pull off compared to a character like Guile.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer uses a combination of Games for Windows LIVE (GFWL) and its own user interface (UI). GFWL has gotten better in the past few months and it works well with this game. I did not notice any lag when I played online and it was easy to make a match with a friend. There are also various medals to collect for those achievement junkies out there. The multiplayer setup works and the game should not be avoided just because it is a GFWL game.

Back Story: Every single character in the game has a back-story. None of these stories are overly complex, but each character can tie in with other character’s stories to give you a different point of view. The story is represented in an Anime-like fashion, which works much better than if they would have used CG. At the end of every character’s story you fight the boss, which has a multitude of attacks that may include some of your own fighting styles.


Playing with a Keyboard: Street Fighter 4 is definitely meant to be played with a controller. I strongly recommend picking some sort of arcade stick or gamepad up before playing this game. The keyboard works, but it can be a sever disadvantage for the player.


Street Fighter IV is a great game; it successfully brings the series back to its roots. The DRM in this game varies. The steam version is supposed to just use steam’s DRM, the Impulse version is suppose to use GOO, the retail version uses Securom for disc check, and finally the d2d version use Securom with activations. The game is currently hovering around 40 dollars and it’s a great deal for any PC gamer itching for a decent fighting game.

Street Fighter IV Review by FacTor-X