The War Z back on Steam


One of the first games to ever be taken off of Steam is back with its price tag. The War Z is an open world zombie MMO developed by Hammerpoint Interactive. However, the game was placed on Steam in an alpha state and appeared to be listed as a complete game. Furthermore, the page also stated some features that were not yet in the game. Sergey Titov initially didn’t side with those who felt mislead by how the game was marketed.

Soon after, the game was actually pulled from Steam, and Titov agreed with Valve’s actions in an interview with PC Gamer.

…we think this is the best way to serve their customers and we respect their decision. As you know we’ve been publicly available since October 15. Over that time I think we (the developers) got used to and took it for granted that players knew what state the game was in and how it was a constantly evolving project, with new features being added on and ongoing basis. Clearly the release on Steam introduced the game to players who never followed War Z and we made the mistake of not communicating effectively to the Steam community.

A few months have since passed since The War Z was removed, but now you can check out their official Steam page and decide if it is worth your $15. This time it seems that game’s page is not as misleading as before and they supposedly have addressed most of the community’s concerns.

The War Z is now available for purchase on Steam. Valve and Hammerpoint Interactive collaborated to address community feedback, update the Steam store page, and make the title available for purchase worldwide. In addition, a patch has been released to update existing customers. As such, the special refund offering extended for The War Z Steam customers who previously purchased the title has concluded.