Nvidia Titan Pictured with Early Benchmark (Update)

nvidia titan gpu

Benchmarks for the Nvidia Titan GPU are expected to roll out soon, but for now we can take a peak at what’s in store. While we did expect the card to launch today it seems that most of the benchmarks are set to roll out either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. Fortunately, wccftech.com has released some benchmarks a bit early.

First up let’s take a look at the Specs:


As you can see this falls in line with most of the stuff that leaked out early. Next, up we have a comparison that a memeber from the tomshardware forum touched up to provide a comparison between the Titan and a GTX 690.


The Titan and the GTX 690 seem to leapfrog each other depending on the game. The last benchmark is from egypthardware.com:


As shown above, the Titan is around 30% better than the HD 7970 from AMD. Of course as more benchmarks come into light it will paint a clearer picture. Furthermore, rumors suggest that the card while be priced rather high at $900 USD, but again that isn’t 100% set in stone at this point in time.


Unfortunately, it seems that most reviewers are still under NDA. Also, rumors continue to suggest the card is quite pricey. However, there is an official trailer for the Nvidia Titan, which you can watch below: