PlayStation 4 Controller Prototype?

PS4 Controller

Just a picture of a prototype, but many appear to think it’s a legit one. Also, what on earth is that box behind it? The leaks just keep coming in as the gaming community waits anxiously for the February 20th date in which many suspect Sony will unveil the PlayStation 4.

Just looking at the supposed prototype indicates design changes in ergonomics with the thumbsticks sporting a better grip as well as an overall fatter design in general. The L and R buttons appear to have also changed, possibly indicating a design similar to the Xbox 360’s trigger.

The biggest change though, is the middle of the controller. In addition to what looks like a microphone/speaker, the large black rectangle found in the middle could very well be the rumored touchpad. You can compare it my PS3 controller below:

PS4 Controller


Personally though, I’m just looking for a thumbstick revamp; those sticks have always seemed to lack the elastic pushback I enjoyed in Xbox controllers.