WII U GPU Specs Solidified: Next Xbox in a Different “League”

wii u

Eurogamer has managed to get a hold of a detailed Die shot from the Wii U’s GPU. They noted the following about the GPU:

  • 40nm manufacturing process
  • 320 stream processors
  • Based on the AMD’s RV770 (HD 4000 series)
  • 550MHz core
  • 16 TMUs


With those specs in mind, the GPU hovers around an 4650/4670. This also interfaces with the Wii U’s tri-core 1.2GHz processor (modified Wii/ gamecube processor) and 32MB of eDRAM. The specs of the Wii aren’t exactly something one could write home about. Eurgamer states that the next Xbox (codenamed Durango) is in a different league with a rumored GPU hovering around a more powerful 7 series GPU from AMD.

It’s noted that the Wii U is around 1.5x the performance of current generation consoles, but it is also worth noting that the system is still new and we have yet to see games fully utilize the system. Nintendo is known for their first party games, so while this may seem rather bleak in comparison to PC hardware, fans of the system will still be able to enjoy new games in the Marios and Zelda Universe in higher fidelity.

Perhaps the bigger question is third party titles. It seems that most developers this generation are getting the hang of the system and are willing to make ports to the console. Games like Battlefield 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines will be released for the Wii U. However, moving forward to the next generation, where the power shifts back into Sony’s and Microsoft’s court, the Nintendo Wii U could have trouble with third party titles.

Source: eurogamer.net