The Walking Dead FPS Gameplay Leaked

walking dead screen

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will be a first person shooter set in the infected universe we all love from the comics and the TV show. However, before we were only treated to some screenshots here and there with in game footage MIA. Now it seems a video of the game, which appears to be early alpha footage, has leaked onto the web. Oddly enough this video of Survival Instinct does not have any sound effects or voice work added. Instead, there is just some music, which may or may not be fromm the actual game, across the entire video.

We are uncertain how long this video will be on youtube, so be sure to check it out as soon as you can. The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will be developed by Terminal Reality and it will have quite a focus on planning and saving other survivors. In addition, the main character is Daryl Dixon. However, Merle is also going to tag along as the game is set before the two meet Rick and the others. Both Daryl and Merle are also voiced by their TV actors from the show.

As you can see in the video, you start off with Merle talking and then it cuts right to a cemetery. After that you then see Daryl going around the town with various weapons, which include a shotgun, an axe, a baseball bat, a knife, a wine bottle (which the player can throw), and a sludge hammer. At the end there seems to be a struggle animation in which the player can quickly stab a zombie to get away.

Despite the fact that it is an early build, the game seems to be shaping up pretty well. The character models specifically with Merle seemed very accurate and the town seemed very well detailed. Furthermore, that “empty” supermarket sure seems interesting. With that said, hopefully a more polished video with sound effects will give us a better picture of how the game will turn out, but for now its good to finally get some footage of the upcoming Walking Dead FPS.