More Details and Pics from Walking Dead FPS

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will be a first person shooter centered around the two brothers from the TV show, Daryl and Merle Dixon. Recently managed to get a closer look at the game and snag a few screens.

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The first person take on the franchise will be developed by Terminal Reality, which made games such as Ghostbusters and Kinect Star Wars in the past. The main character you play as will be Daryl Dixon and the plot takes place before the two meet up with Rick and the others. Terminal Reality’s system designer, Glenn Gamble, tell us why they chose Daryl as the main character.

He seemed like the natural choice. He’s better suited for survival and what we wanted to go for.

Additionally, the developers have also been working with the writers of The Walking Dead TV show and both Daryl and Merle will be voiced by their respective TV actors, Norman Reedus and Michael Rooke.

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During their preview Destructiod learned that the game has more of a survival horror focus. This means that you will have to carefully plan you attack with limited resources at your disposal. So, meelee weapons and Daryls crossbow will play a bigger role than just running and gunning down your enemies with nearly infinite ammo. The zombies in the game are also very noise sensitive and if you run or start shooting around, you will attract them to your position.

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Survival Instinct isn’t exactly what you would call your typical run and gun linear FPS. In fact, you can use a map to chart your course of action and determine your route to get to your objective. However, there will of course be some linearity level design to progress the story in a certain way. Furthermore, there are actually side missions you can do if your character is low on resources. These missions include searching “abandoned” farms, rummaging through police stations, or removing clutter from a highway.

You can also save and group up with a limited amount of other survivors that you find on various missions. Unfortunately, the number is determined by how many seats you have available in your vehicle and therefore you will eventually either have to replace survivors or refuse to let new individuals join your group. After you have some survivors in your group you can even send them out to do various missions in a similar fashion to Assassin’s Creed 2. However, like Assassin’s Creed though, the survivors that you send out from your group have a chance of not returning.

So far, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is looking rather promising as it dodges the sterotype of just becoming another mindless linear shooter.