PC Gamers Upset Over Far Cry 3’s Graphics

fc3 underwater

Hey, wait a minute, Far Cry 3 looks pretty good right? Well apparently, it actually looked better during the E3 demo. Yes, that’s right, when you take the PC version with DX11 on ultra settings with all of the bells and whistles turned on, Far Cry 3 still doesn’t look as good as it did during E3. Below is a video that outlines some of the major differences from E3 to the final PC version.

As you can see in the video above, there is more vegetation, more objects, and much better water. And, yes, the author of the video claims to be running on the highest possible settings.

Retail PC is running DirectX 11, Ultra Settings, HDAO, 8xMSAA, it’s maxed out. I’ve seen a lot of complaining and I would like to quell any misconceptions that it is running on lower level settings.

In addition, here are some still comparisons from the E3 demo (left is PC version and the right is the E3 version).

fc3 comparison e3

There’s also a large thread on the Ubisoft forums about the issue as well. We will keep you posted if any new information comes into play.