Assassin’s Creed 3 PC to Sport DX11 Effects

In an AMAA (ask me almost anything) on Reddit the Assassin’s Creed 3 developers answered some questions regarding the PC version of the game. Fortunately, the port is looking rather promising. Of course you have the standard mouse and keyboard support with all of the graphic adjustments we can expect. However, Ubisoft also brought into focus some of the nice DX11 effects that they added into the game.

So, when PC launches, it will include ALL of the console patches out at the time (so, that includes any patches we might be releasing in between now and PC launch). In addition, PC has a special patch designed to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

We’ve added extra DX11 support for the PC version, so you’ll notice some significant increases in texture resolution (double-res in most cases, but quadruple in some), TESSELLATION (which is like, the new DX11 hotness) and some other shader improvements that will have an impact, but aren’t all that sexy to enumerate in a reddit post, hehe.

If you’re going PC, I would opt for the Digital Deluxe version if it is available, because it comes strapped with tons of extra in-game content.

So, they will be increasing the texture resolution from the get go, which is very nice, but when we get to the DX11 effects surprisingly enough we can expect Tessellation along with some other shader improvements. Furthermore, we can expect some of those pesky bugs to be squashed on launch as well.

Now since this is Ubi you may have some DRM concerns. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like DRM was brought into focus during this discussion. However, Ubi has been starting to become rather liberal in this area. They have removed most of the online only requirements and activation limits. So, if you are worried about DRM, AC3 will most likely only have a one time online activation, which is what they have implemented in some of the other games in the series.