Blizzard: HotS in 2013, Diablo III Expansion Coming

Plenty of time for playing games that aren’t made by Blizzard.

Straight from the CEO Mike Morhaime himself, the next installment to the eSports franchise, StarCraft II, is being aimed at the first half of 2013, meaning the game might not come out until June.

While gets an overhaul, the multiplayer aspect of Heart of the Swarm is in closed beta, and despite the content being mostly complete, the balancing of the three races in regards to the new unit compositions has been mixed. Unit changes, additions, and removals have been commonplace with each balance patch and it might take a while for the kinks to worked out barring switching back to the Wings of Liberty metagame.

In the Diablo III area, the expansion which most of us were expecting anyway, has been officially confirmed to be in the works. No timeline has been set yet, though Blizzard might prefer to release it before every person on the planet gets bored with the game and quits.