The Witcher 2 Releases For Mac, GOG Arrives As Well

Yaaay! Mac gaming! Lets all run this on our… 650m.

GoG now hosts 50 titles for the Mac platform ranging from classics like SimCity 2000 to, um, more classics like Ultima.

For those wanting to challenge their hardware a bit more, The Witcher 2 is now available and on sale at $22.50 for Mac users on Steam and GoG. PC users who already own the game and a Mac will also see the title show up in their Mac games list on Steam.

Good luck running the game at higher resolutions though; even with an overclocked 650m, MacBook Pros will struggle with the game, virtually booting out all MacBook Airs. The iMac’s 6970m will do better, but you won’t be hitting 60FPS without some serious setting downgrades. 30FPS will be the new 60FPS.

Don’t even get me started about the workstation-class Mac Pro.