Haswell On-die GPU Sports 2x Performance over Ivy Bridge in Skyrim

Hawell, the next 22nm microarchitecture from Intel, will pack a more powerful on-die GPU. Currently, Sandy Bridge has 12 execution units (EUs) and Ivy Bridge has 16 EUs. Haswell, which will be released around April 2013, will feature a 40 EU on-die GPU. With over double the amount of EUs compared to the HD 4000 within Ivy Bridge, users can expect significant gain in graphics performance. For instance, at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF 2012) in San Franciso, Intel shows that a HD 4000 on-die GPU is only capable of playing Skyrim at 1366×768 on medium settings, while Haswell’s new HD 5000 GPU is capable of playing Skryim at 1920×1080 on high settings.

This means that consumers who are looking to buy an Ultrabook or a notebook without a discrete GPU, will still be able to play current titles at decent settings. However, those of us with discrete GPUs within notebooks, or especially within desktops, will of course have better performance when compared to Haswell’s on-die GPU. Also, note that Haswell (Intel’s 4th generation “Core” branded processor) is suppodely going to be on a new socket, LGA 1150 and will be compatible with Z87 and H87 motherboards upon release.

Source: Dailytech.com