Nintendo Wii U Specs, Price, and Date Clarified

The Wii U’s specifications are now a bit clearer thanks to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. Unfortuantely, the GPU still seems like a bit of a mystery. However, they previously mentioned that the GPU was based on the RV770, which is a higher end 4 series model (it could be a 4830, 4850, or 4870). For comparison AMD is currently on its 7 series of GPUs with the 8 series on its way.

The CPU was also skimped over in this list as well, but again the system is supposedly using a IBM Power 6 “Fox” on 32nm process. Quad-core processor @ 3.5GHz. The specs below mention GPGPU, which basically means the graphics chip is capable of utilizing Open CL to take on general tasks outside of what a regular GPU is capable. GPUs from Nvidia and AMD have been able to handle GPGPU taks for quite sometime, so this isn’t too shocking.

– Supports full 1080p
– “GPGPU” used
– Main memory: 1GB
– System memory: 1GB
– Total memory is 2GB
– Games only use 1GB of main memory
– System memory is for the OS
– Can use the browser while playing
– Game discs are 25GB
– Discs run at 22.5 MB/s
– Uses up to 75 watts of electricity
– Typical power usage is 45 watts
– Reconfirmed: import Wii VC and WiiWare games

Fortunately, the system seems to come with a decent amount of memory compared to today’s consoles. 1GB dedicated just for gaming seems like enough for the next generation, but of course more is always better. Furthermore, their proprietary blu ray discs will come with 25GB of storage.

The will U will come in two different models. There will be a black 32GB Deluxe version and a white 8GB basic version. The deluxe console will come with a charging stand, console stand, Nintendo Land, and a rewards system. Price wise, the basic is expected to be $299.99 and the premium is expected to be $349.99 in the US. Furthermore, the Wii U now has a release date of Novemeber 18th.

$299 Basic Set (white)

Wii U console
One GamePad
Sensor bar
HDMI cable

$349 Deluxe Set

Wii U console
One GamePad
Sensor bar
HDMI cable
Charging stand
Console stand
Nintendo Land game disc