BFG Technologies exits GPU market

Today BFGTech announced that they will be exiting the graphics card market. BFG has long been a favorite among builders due to being the pioneer of lifetime warranties and 24/7 support on video cards. Companies like EVGA and XFX took their cues from BFG’s excellent support structure over the years. While they have only been making cards for seven years, BFG was one of a few companies experienced builders turned to. BFG was also the first to offer factory overclocked cards to retail.

Formed in 2002 by Scott Herkelman, Ric Lewis, and Shane Vance BFG quickly made a name for themselves in the GPU market. They changed the way support was handled by enthusiast companies. Recently BFG has expanded to provide power supplies and they also hired the creator of JonnyGURU, Jonny Gerow to work on their PSU business. Jonny’s impressive knowledge of power supplies and his influence has quickly made BFG a serious contended in that market.

As for BFG’s support on video cards they have¬†pledged¬†to continue providing RMA and tech support for all of their existing customers. They have money and video cards set aside to support people doing RMAs. They have 8 full time employees left handling video card support so they will have people covered there.

The first major signs of trouble started popping up around the Fermi launch when BFG had nothing to offer and there was no word from them on when or if they would be able to put them off. Then their products started vanishes from etail and retails stores, not being restocked at all. Still people though it was just due to well known shortages of parts, but it appears that the GPU market is no long profitable to them. There had been rumors of them going ATI a few months back, that must have fallen through. While I wish them the best of luck, I do not see how they’re going to be able to survive just doing power supplies, they are going to have to expand beyond that.

I have been a fan of BFG for many years. My very first GPU was a BFG card. In fact when my 9800 Pro fried I picked up a cheap BFG card to replace it. They were the first brand I thought of when buying Nvidia back then. Even my 8800 GTS 320 was BFG. It is sad to see them exit the market, but they left a good legacy and made the market much better.

Source: HardOCP