Classic Shell Released For Windows 8: Brings Back Windows 7’s Functionality and Look

Finally, a MOD that will bring an option for users to revert back to using a more sensible GUI. A lot of consumers have been upset over the new direction that Microsoft is taking with Windows 8 and their emphasis on Metro. Classic shell is a program/MOD that will allow the user to download and install several functions of Windows 7 that have been ignored or taken out. Here is a list of what Classic Shell brings to the table:

Version 3.6.0 general release (Aug, 2012):

-Windows 8 is now officially supported
-Added more customization settings for the start button
-Added a setting to disable all Metro hot corners
-Improved the initial setup of the start menu
-Added support for split menu buttons
-Improved the usage of the Aero colorization in skins
-Fixed some bugs found in the previous version

In addition, Classic Shell can be customized and you can also change the look of GUI. So, there is still hope for future PC users who are adamant about Windows 7’s functionality and look. If you are interested and have Windows 8 RTM head on over to the source and try it out.