Rambo Video Game Gets a Teaser Trailer

The Rambo videogame is becoming quite a reality with an official teaser trailer. However, instead of just some text or tidbits of gameplay they went with a movie montage.

One year ago we told you about this new Rambo videogame. Just in case you forgot, here is what Reef Entertainment ā€™s commercial director, Craig Lewis has stated in regards to the project.

We have big ambitions for Reef and the Rambo IP is the first step in establishing us as a worldwide player. Rambo will be a triple-A title on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC and will capture the gritty atmosphere and full-on action which made the Rambo movies so successful.

However, there were a few screens that did manage to hit the web along with some additional art.

Furthermore, you can check out the games teaser site at rambovideogame.com.

Can’t wait for some actualy gameplay? According to Reef Entertainments on twitter, we can expect to see some gameplay at games com.

[At] Gamescom we will have playable version and more assets. You have to admit Sly looked good šŸ™‚