Rumor: Halo 4 to Work on Windows 8

The last Halo for Windows was Halo 2 back in 2007. Fast forward 5 years and the PC has missed quite a few games in the franchise. It seems a bit odd that Microsoft wouldn’t want to support their own operating system in terms of games especially that of the halo variety. As a result, many PC gamers have criticized Microsoft for their lackluster push on the PC. However, maybe things will change when we also fast forward to Windows 8.

So, what exactly suggests that Microsoft will port Halo 4 to Windows 8? Well, Microsoft Executive Don Mattrick specifically stated during Venturebeat’s Gamebeat 2012 that Halo 4 will work on Microsoft’s Surface tablet. You probably may wonder which version of the tablet as there are two versions of the surface (an Intel and an ARM variant). The answer could be both considering that it would be a mistake to leave either version out of the pipeline.

So, one of the tablets has an Intel processor on it while running Windows 8, which strongly suggests that Halo 4 may come to PCs with Windows 8 in general. Additionally, let’s also not forget Microsoft’s Smartglass initiative, which aims to unify applications across consoles, phones, tablets, and PCs. Unfortunately, as the title states this is of course a rumor at this point in time, but nevertheless Mattrick’s statement is quite interesting.