The Pacific Mini-series Review

It’s WWII again, and the Japanese are at war with the US. How does this take on the Pacific front fair?

The pacific is an HBO mini-series produced by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman and more. The focus of the series is on three marines (Eugene B. Sledge, PFC Robert Leckie, and Sgt. John Basilone) who were apart of the 1st marine division. The ten part mini-series follows their various battles and encounters during the WWII Pacific campaign.


Action Scenes: The rather gruesome ordeals of the Guadalcanal, Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa were very well orchestrated. The effects were very well done and the tension you felt as the character progress were similar to Band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan.

Main Cast: These characters were one of the few characters you could actually make a connection with throughout the series. Each actor played their part very well and you become attached to their struggle throughout each battle.

Horror of War: The crew did a great job portraying the horrible nature of war. In one episode, you saw how civilians would tie an explosive to their chest and sacrifice themselves. In addition, Japanese troops used some of their own civilians as human shields. Also, you could see how Eugene B. Sledge, one of the main characters, was twisted by the horrific events that transpired.


Pacing: Band of Brother had a much better pacing and engaged you more throughout the series.

Lack of Interaction: Unlike Band of Brothers the three main characters don’t interact with each other. It’s a bit more difficult to build up an emotional link for supporting characters when each main character has their own set of marines at their side.

Attachment: You didn’t quite feel an emotional attachment to most of the supporting characters. The series was all over the place at times, and it was hard to have compassion for most of the other characters as they passed along. During the final episode where they go through what happened to each marine, there were moments where I question who I was looking at.

Longevity: The series felt much shorter than that of Band of Brothers, which was also a ten part mini-series produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

Ending: As previously stated, the series felt short. While it was interesting to see where all of the marines end up, it is easy to feel as if there was a lot of substance missing.


The Pacific was entertaining while it lasted, but it seems to have fallen sort of Band of Brothers. Band of Brothers had a much tighter connection with the paratroopers of the WWII European campaign. Both had amazing special effects and both had a great cast. However, the pacing and character attachment is lacking. Overall, it is a great show to catch on TV and watch from beginning to end.

The Pacific Review by XMACHINE9000