Microsoft Tries to Explain Why They Removed the Start Button in Windows 8

Is Microsoft being genuine or are they skating around the problem? As it stands many Windows 7 users are concerned with the direction that Microsoft is taking with their new Windows 8 operating system. The new OS replaces the start up menu with the Metro interface, which means that users aren’t given a choice to revert back to using the start menu. Here is what Chaitanya Sareen, a principal program manager at Microsoft, had to say:

When we evolved the taskbar we saw awesome adoption of pinning [applications] on the taskbar. We are seeing people pin like crazy. And so we saw the Start menu usage dramatically dropping, and that gave us an option. We’re saying ‘look, Start menu usage is dropping, what can we do about it? What can we do with the Start menu to revive it, to give it some new identity, give it some new power?

This observation or survey is questionable, considering that many users (myself included) pin a few programs to the task bar and still utilize the start menu. So, the accuracy of this statement is highly debatable. Following our initial impressions of Windows 8, many users agree and do not like the idea of having to use mouse gestures in conjunction with Metro instead of the start menu. The removal of the start menu in favor of touch screen devices is a controversial move and it makes many power users and traditional users alike very concerned. Many of the issues with Windows 8 are as follows:

1. Users are forced to start up in the Metro UI
2. There is no way to disable the Metro UI
3. There is no way to bring back the start menu
4. Searching apps takes up the whole screen since you must go through the Metro UI
5. The Metro UI can be counterproductive in a desktop environment

What are your thoughts? Do you think Microsoft should give users the option to disable Metro and bring back the start menu or do you think Microsoft should ignore consumers’ concerns?