Company of Heroes 2: Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer

This debut trailer for Company of Heroes 2 summarizes the epic campaign that takes place on the eastern front. Unfortunately, there isn’t any gameplay footage present, but this is the start of quite an awesome sequel.

Today we are releasing the debut trailer for Company of Heroes 2! Detailing the historical significance of the Eastern Front during WWII, the new trailer gives perspective on the importance of the Russian theater of war. It gives an intimate look at Russia’s courage and sacrifice in their darkest hour.

We are also delighted to announce the final tally for Company of Heroes 2’s E3 accolades. Receiving critical acclaim from numerous outlets, Company of Heroes 2 walked away from E3 2012 with seven wins, including “Best PC Game” from both G4 X-Play and Machinima, among many others. Overall, Company of Heroes was nominated 18 times for various Best of E3 awards, securing its place alongside the original Company of Heroes as an award-winning title.

In addition to today’s trailer, two new in-game screenshots of Company of Heroes 2 have been released! The images, shown below, give a closer look at Russian artillery and armor from the game.

So, while the trailer doesn’t have ingame footage, you can check out some screens from the game below.

Again, the game is currently set for sometime in 2013.