Reminder: Windows 8 to Drop Aero GUI Plus New Metro Screens

Yet another Windows 7 feature has been mangled as Microsoft pushes their Metro agenda. Now, on top of removing the start menu, forcing us to swipe to login, forcing us to start into the Metro interface, forcing us to search via Metro, and finally, forcing users us to use Metro with no way to disable it, Windows users will now only have the option use the newly designed “metro themed” GUI.

While it looks “okay” it bewilders Windows users like myself as to why Microsoft doesn’t include the following options:

1. Allow user to disable Metro upon start up so that the user can go right into the desktop
2. Allow the user to re-enable the start menu
3. Allow the user to disable mouse corner gestures
4. Allow Metro to start via the click of an icon or executable instead
5. Allow the user to re-enable the Aero GUI.

Why is this so hard to understand? Basically, allow people who want the improved performance and underlying changes to keep the Windows 7 feel and for those who like the new Metro interface and subsequent changes can use the OS as it currently stands. Thus, it is clear that Windows 8 is going to be a pretty controversial OS for many desktop users.