Activision Sale Under Discussion

Which would be interesting if Vivendi decides to hold onto Blizzard. Don’t get too excited though, according to Bloomberg, it’s currently only a topic of discussion for senior executives at Vivendi in their next meeting for reorganization efforts.

The publishing company behind Call of Duty may have begun to slow down a bit, depending on gamers’ continued interest in the twitch-shooting series. Having already shelved Guitar Hero, their current generation portfolio consists of only Crash Bandicoot, Skylanders (Spyro), and Prototype. Oh, and Tony Hawk.

New IPs like the one Activision is currently working on with Bungie may influence the keep or sell decision for Vivendi; especially if they are concerned about long-term business solutions and if it can be milked turned into a franchise.

I’d still keep Blizzard though. Despite all of the network shenanigans they’ve put us through with Diablo III, there’s still a lot of mooing left in the company.