Steve Jobs and blogger have at it!

Blogger Ryan Tate and Steve Jobs go head to head. The battle began last Saturday night. A blogger from Gawker media had several exchanges with Jobs via email pertaining to flash, porn, and the whole Gizmodo ipone 4G prototype fiasco.

Here are a few of the exchanges:

Ryan Tate: If Dylan was 20 today, how would he feel about your company? Would he think the iPad had the faintest thing to do with “revolution?” Revolutions are about freedom.

Steve Jobs: Yep, freedom from programs that steel your private data. Freedom from programs that trash your battery. Freedom from porn. Yep, freedom…

Ryan Tate: …And you know what? I don’t want “freedom from porn.” Porn is just fine! And I think my wife would agree.

Steve Jobs: …Its not about freedom, its about Apple trying to do the right thing for its users. Users, developers and publishers can do whatever they like – they don’t have to buy or develop or publish on iPads if they don’t want to. This seems like its your issue, not theirs.

After a few more interesting responses Ryan writes:

Ryan Tate: …And I don’t like Apple’s pet police force literally kicking in my co-workers’ doors. But I suppose the courts will have the last say on that, and I can’t say I’m worried.

Steve jobs: You are so misinformed. No one kicked in any doors. You’re believing a lot of erroneous blogger reports.

As for us, we’re just doing what we can to try and make (and preserve) the user experience we envision. You can disagree with us, but our motives are pure.

For all of the exchanges head over to the source below.